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Useful Expressions in Speaking English

Useful Expressions in English Speaking
English is known as the Language of International Communication. It has become part and parcel of almost every existing field. It is so common that one out of five people can speak or understand English.

In order to improve English speaking skill of global English language learners, we’ve covered a wide range of everyday situations. Different kinds of basic expressions are demonstrated quite skillfully. We hope that these expressions will definitely support you to learn and practice English language interestingly.

Click on the Topics below to practise Useful Expressions in Speaking English

001_expressions in english speaking_greetings 002_expressions in english speaking_introducing yourself
003_expressions in english speaking_introducing others 004_expressions in english speaking_apologizing
005_expressions in english speaking_encouraging others 006_expressions in english speaking_expressing gratitude
007_expressions in english speaking_inviting 008_expressions in english speaking_giving opinion
009_expressions in english speaking_complimenting 010_expressions in english speaking_permitting
011_expressions in english speaking_agreeing disagreeing 012_expressions in english speaking_expressing pleasure
013_expressions in english speaking_describing somebody 014_expressions in english speaking_taking leave
015_expressions in english speaking_expressing surprise 016_expressions in english speaking_complaining
017_expressions in english speaking_suggesting 018_expressions in english speaking_possibility-impossibility
019_expressions in english speaking_recommending 020_expressions in english speaking_offering food-drink
021_expressions in english speaking_predicting 022_expressions in english speaking_warning

english_speaking_expressions_expressing shock english_speaking_expressions_at the hotel

(Expressions are added regularly. Keep visiting the page)

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