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We often write letters to our friends and relatives. We also write letters for various official purposes. A Letter is a handwritten, typed or printed conversation or communication between two persons. It is sent or transferred by post or courier, in an envelope. Letters are known as an important and systematic mode of effective communication. Writing letter is absolutely a skillful and useful task. We should systematically prepare the art and technique of writing different kinds of letters.
Generally, there are two types of Letter, Informal Letter and Formal Letter. These types are based on their etiquette, contents & writing purposes etc.

Formal Letter

Informal Letter

Formal Letter_1

Write a letter to the Mayor of your city seeking a solution to the problem of waterlogging in your area.

Formal Letter_1

Informal Letter_1

Write a letter inviting your friend to your Birthday party.

Informal Letter_1

Formal Letter_2

Write a letter to the editor of an English daily, making a plea to the common people to switch over to solar energy to conserve electricity and limit electricity bills.

Formal Letter_awareness about solar energy

Informal Letter_2

Write a letter to a friend regarding a speedy recovery from injury.

Informal Letter_about recovery from illness_

Formal Letter_3

Write a letter of request to the Registrar, SPPU, Pune for the Prospectus of M.Sc. Chemistry.

Formal Letter_demanding college prospectus

Informal Letter_3

Write a letter to congratulate your friend on his/her grand success in the Board Exams.

Informal Letter_congratulating for success in exam

Formal Letter_4

Write a Letter to your Principal seeking permission to attend a family function.

Formal Letter_permission to attend family function

Informal Letter_4

Write a letter apologizing to your friend for your mistake.

Informal Letter_apologizing for mistake

Formal Letter_5

Write a letter to the Sales Unit, Western Book Depot, Hyderabad to enquire about various books on English grammar.

Formal Letter_enquiry about english grammar books

Informal Letter_5

Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her for spending a vacation together.

Informal Letter_about spending vacation together

Formal Letter_6

Write a letter to the Principal of the local college, regarding the permission to play a friendly match against the college team.

Vinay Verma
St. Joseph College,
Varanasi, UP
Date- 10th March, 2022
The Principal,
G.I.C. Ram Nagar,
Sub- Permission to play a friendly match
Respected Sir/Madam,
I am Vinay Verma, the captain of the Hockey Team of Saint Joseph College, Varanasi, writing to let you know that our team wants to play a friendly match against your college team.
This match will be played on our playground on 20th March, 2022, Sunday at 4:00p.m. It’s holiday, so there would not be any question of disturbing the classes. I humbly request you to grant us permission for playing this match. We shall be highly grateful to you for your kind consideration of our request and encouragement.
Thanking you and waiting to hear from you soon.
Yours Obediently,
Vinay Verma
(Captain, Hockey Team)



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