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Common English Expressions: Blaming/Accusing

Useful Expressions-Blaming-Accusing

The words like Blaming or Accusing are used to say or think that a person is responsible for something wrong. They are also used to say that a person did something wrong, illegal or unauthorized. Here are the most commonly used expressions for Blaming or Accusing.

  You’re wrong
  You’ve done wrong
  You did wrong
  It’s your mistake
  It’s your fault
  It’s all because of you
  Don’t you think that you’re wrong?
  How could you do such a thing?
  How could you…?
  I can’t believe that it’s you
  I can’t believe that you did it
  I can’t believe that you’re faulty
  I think you are the one to blame
  I blame you on…
  I accuse you on…
  Are you out of your mind?
  You’re responsible
  You’re behind all this
  You’re the planner
  You planned this
  You must be doing something wrong
  You must be doing something illegal
  You must be doing something unlawful
  You must be doing something against the law
  You must be doing something unauthorized
  You must be doing something illegitimate
  It must have been you who did it
  It must be you that always…


  I’m sorry
  I’m really sorry
  I’m sorry. It’s my fault
  I’m sorry. It’s my mistake
  I’m sorry. I’m wrong
  Actually I didn’t mean to
  Sorry for my fault
  Sorry for my deed
  Sorry for my mistake
  How much I repent it!
  I did a mistake
  I have made a mistake
  It’s by mistake
  You’re right! It’s my fault
  It happened mistakenly
  I’m sorry. It’s my responsibility
  I take the responsibility
  I’m responsible


  No. It’s not true
  It’s not true
  It’s not my fault
  It’s not my mistake
  You’re wrong
  It wasn’t me
  How can you directly say it?
  How can you directly blame me?
  How dare you say like this?
  I’m not the one to blame
  I did nothing wrong
  I didn’t do anything wrong
  I did not do it
  Do not blame me
  Think before blaming others

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