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Common English Expressions: Talking About Time

Useful Expressions-Talking about time

In our daily life we always talk about time. We habitually ask and tell a time to others in different situations at different places. Here are some common sentences and expressions we can use when Talking About Time in English.

  What’s the time?
  What time is it?
  Please tell the exact time
  Do you know what time is it?
  Time please!
  Could you tell me the time?
  May I know the time please?
  Are you sure your watch is right?


  It’s eight o’clock
  It’s 8 am now
  It’s half past nine
  It’s almost 9 pm
  It’s 12 pm exactly
  It’s five to eight
  It’s quarter to nine
  It’s quarter past nine
  It’s five minutes to 11 am
  It’s midnight
  My watch is stopped
  My watch is not working


  See you at 9 am
  It’s time to leave
  It’s too late now
  It’s proper time to read something
  It’s proper time to…
  It’s almost time to go office
  It’s almost time to go…
  It’s a waste of time
  Your time starts now
  The meeting will start at 12 pm
  Match scheduled to begin at 8.30 am
  The market opens at 10 am
  Give me a little more time
  Let me think for a while
  We should not waste our time
  At what time is the meeting?
  I got there on time
  Mind the time
  Don’t waste time
  A long times ago
  A little while ago
  Right now
  In an hour
  Next week
  Next month
  On Monday
  In the future
  In the near future
  When … was born
  In 1974
  In the 19th century
  I didn’t think it was so late
  We have plenty of time
  We have lot of time



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