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Common English Expressions: Talking About Health

Useful Expressions-Talking about health

It is said that “Health is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Beside taking our own care we usually talk about other’s heath. As humans, it’s our responsibility to take care and to talk of each other’s heath. Here are the most commonly used expressions for
Talking about Health.

  How’re you?
  Hello, how’re you?
  How do you feel now?
  How’re you feeling today?
  Are you OK?
  Are you feeling any better?
  What’s the problem?
  What did you eat yesterday?
  Aren’t you feel well?
  Are you feeling uncomfortable?
  How long have you been feeling like this?
  Have you taken any medicine for…?
  How’s your diet?
  Do you have any specific diet?
  Do you have any allergies?
  Shall we go to hospital now?
  Shall I call doctor now?
  I think it’s better to go to hospital now
  How often do you feel like this?
  How healthy do you feel now?
  How comfortable do you feel now?
  Are you having pain now?
  Do you smoke?
  Do you have a blood pressure?
  Do you have a diabetes?
  Are you noticing any physical changes?
  Have you experienced morning sickness?
  Have you had any blood tests?
  You need to change your daily routine
  You need a complete bed rest


  I’m not feeling well
  I feel quite uncomfortable
  I think we need to go to hospital now
  I’m in a lot of pain
  It’s paining severely
  I’m having breathing difficulty 
  I’m unable to breathe properly now
  I ate spicy and oily food yesterday
  I have … ache
  I couldn’t sleep well yesterday
  I have blood pressure/diabetes
  What dietary changes do I need to make?
  How serious is my condition?
  Do the medicines have any side effects?
  How long should I continue the treatment?

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