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  • A word made by shortening and combining two words
  • A shortened way, formed by dropping one or more letters
  • A shortened category of the spoken and written forms of a word
  • An abridged form of a word that eliminates certain letters or sounds



..aren’t = are not
..can’t = cannot
..could’ve = could have
..couldn’t = could not
  didn’t = did not
  doesn’t = does not
  don’t = do not
  gonna = going to
  gotta = got to, got a
  hadn’t = had not
  hasn’t = has not
  haven t = have not
  he’d = he had, he would
  he’ll = he shall, he will
  he’s = he has, he is
  how’d = how did, how would
  how’ll = how will
  how’s = how has, how is
  I’d = I had, I would
  I’ll = I shall / I will
  I’m = I am
  I’ve = I have
  isn’t = is not
  it’d = it would
  it’ll = it shall, it will
  it’s = it has, it is
  mightn’t = might not
  might’ve = might have
  mustn’t = must not
  must’ve = must have
  needn’t = need not
  she’d = she had / she would
  she’ll = she shall, she will
  she’s = she has, she is
  should’ve = should have
  shouldn’t = should not
  somebody’s = somebody is
  someone’d = someone had, someone would
  someone’ll = someone shall, someone will
  someone’s = someone has, someone is
  something’d = something had
  something’ll = something shall, something will
  something’s = something has, something is
useful english speaking expressions  that’ll = that will
  that’s = that has, that is
  that’d = that would, that had
  there’d = there had, there would
  there’re = there are
  there’s = there has / there is
  they’d = they would
  they’ll = they shall, they will
  they’re = they are
  they’ve = they have
  wasn’t = was not
  we’d = we had
  we’ll = we will
  we’re = we are
  we’ve = we have
  weren’t = were not
  what’ll = what will
  what’re = what are
  what’s = what has / what is
  what’ve = what have
  when’s = when is
  where’d = where did
  where’s = where has, where is
  where’ve = where have
  who’d = who would
..who’ll = who shall, who will

  who’re = who are
  who’s = who has, who is

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