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Common English Expressions: Asking to Wait

Useful Expressions- Asking to Wait

Most of the time we need to ask someone to wait whenever we’re busy in the activities like talking on phone, attending meeting, talking with others, doing something etc. Here are the most commonly used expressions to ask someone to wait.

  Please wait
  Wait a second/minute/moment
  Wait. I haven’t finished yet
  Wait here. I’ll be back soon
  You should wait for some time
  I’m busy right now. Please wait until I…
  Hang on a moment
  Hang on
  Hold on
  Just wait until I…
  Just hold until I…
  Just a moment
  Just a minute
  Give a second/minute
  Let me think
  Let me see
  I have to think/see
  Sorry but I’m…
  Sorry. I’m busy right now
  Sorry to keep you waiting
  I’ll be right with you
  Keep patience
  Don’t be so impatient
  Don’t be hurry
  Bear with me
  Could you wait?
  Can you wait?
  Will you wait?
  Will you please wait for a while?
  Could you please wait for a moment?
  Could you wait a minute, please?
  Do you have a time to wait?
  Would you mind waiting for a moment?
  Wait and see
  I think you need to wait
  I think you need to wait until…


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