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Common English Expressions: Admitting Mistakes

Useful Expressions- Admitting Mistakes

To make mistakes is a regular and habitual thing in human life. Most of the time we admit our mistakes honestly and frankly without hesitation. Admitting our mistakes enables us to build healthy relationships with others. It not only helps us to make a better person but also strengthens affinity towards each other. Here are the most commonly used expressions to admit mistakes.

  I’m sorry
  I’m really sorry
  I’m extremely sorry
  It’s my mistake
  I did wrong
  I did something wrong
  I did a foolish thing
  I was really wrong
  I never intended it that way
  That wasn’t my intention
  I’m sorry, that wasn’t my intention
  I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that
  I’m responsible for it
  I didn’t behave properly
  I repent for my mistake
  I regret for my mistake
  I don’t know what happened that time
  I don’t know how I couldn’t control myself
  It won’t happen again


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