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Common English Expressions: When Someone is Violent or Aggressive

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Dealing with someone who is being Violent or Aggressive can be a challenging and potentially dangerous situation. When dealing with someone who is aggressive or violent, it’s essential to choose our words carefully to help defuse the situation and promote a safer and more constructive interaction. Here are some expressions to deal with those who are quite violent or aggressive:

  • Control yourself!
  • You need to relax
  • You need to control yourself
  • Let’s talk about this calmly
  • Let’s take a step back and cool off for a moment
  • Let’s find a way to work through this without aggression
  • We can find a solution together
  • I understand you’re upset
  • Violence is not the answer
  • Violence is never the answer
  • Get a hold of yourself
  • Stop this right now
  • It’s better to stop this
  • Do you treat everybody like this?
  • Is it the way to behave like this?
  • Clearly, you have a problem
  • This is not good
  • Please lower your voice so we can communicate better
  • I don’t appreciate you hitting me
  • I don’t want things to escalate further
  • I’m open to finding a compromise
  • We can find a better way to resolve this conflict
  • Your safety and mine are important here
  • I respect your feelings, but I need you to calm down
  • It’s okay to be frustrated, but we need to handle this peacefully

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