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Common English Expressions: Taking Leave

Useful Expressions-Taking Leave

We always come together for different purposes, such as party, program, function, ceremony etc. But sooner or later we have to depart. In this situation we convey or inform to others that we need to take leave. Here are some most commonly used expressions for Taking Leave:

  Sorry, I’ve to go now
  Sorry, I need to go now
  Sorry guys, I’ve to go right now
  Good bye
  Good night then
  I’ll look forward to see you soon
  I look forward to see you again soon
  I’ll talk to you later
  I’ll be seeing you
  I think I should go now
  It’s time for me to go now
  It’s time we have to part
  It was nice to meet you
  It’s been nice talking to you
  Take care. Bye
  Take care of yourself
  All the best
  Look after yourself. Bye
  Have a good/nice time
  Enjoy your self
  I’m out of here
  Take it easy
  I must be off now
  I hope to see you soon
  See you later
  See you again
  See you tomorrow
  See you soon

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