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Common English Expressions: Expressing Surprise

Useful Expressions-Expressing Surprise

is an unexpected or astonishing situation, event and fact. It is an instant feeling of wonder or amazement. It is the briefest of all the emotions, lasting a few seconds at most. Surprise has a fixed, limited duration. Here are some most commonly used expressions to express Surprise:

  That’s very surprising!
  Oh my God!
  How strange!
  No way!
  Not at all what I expected
  I just can’t believe
  I just can’t imagine
  It can’t be true
  I was just stunned
  Are you serious?
  Oh really? How?
  What are you saying?
  Are you kidding?
  Aren’t you joking?
  You must be joking!
  I’m surprised
  I’m speechless
  It happened out of the blue
  Just imagine!
  I’m shocked to hear…
  It’s shocking
  It’s terrible
  It’s incredible
  It’s impossible
  What a terrible news!
  What a pleasant surprise!
  What a tragedy!
  A complete shock!
  We’re all in complete shock
  My goodness!
  That’s awful!
  I’m disappointed
  I was just stunned by…
  I was taken aback by…
  That’s amazing!
  Who would have thought…?
  Is that so?
  Word’s can’t describe how I feel about…
  I’m in heaven
  I find it hard to believe

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