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Common English Expressions: Describing Somebody

Useful Expressions-Describing Somebody

is a written or spoken report of how something is done or of what someone or something is like. We describe people all the time in different ways with the help of appearance, emotions, feelings, mannerisms and character traits. Here are some most commonly used expressions to describe somebody:

  Looking good
  Looking … today
  Full of energy
  He’s muscular/strong/brilliant
  He’s dressed in jeans and t-shirt
  He’s dressed in a blue shirt
  They’re responsible citizens
  She’s not very tall
  He’s not very active
  He’s rather passive
  He’s rather fat
  She’s creative
  She’s always happy
  She’s smart and intelligent
  He’s generous/kind
  He’s about 40 years old
  She doesn’t quit, even in bad situation
  He seems a little overweight
  She’s funny and entertaining
  Smith always dresses well
  He’s an ideal person
  They’re kind and generous
  He’s of medium height, neither fat nor thin
  He’s good looking person
  She has long, black hair
  He has deep set eyes
  He looks like…
  You look very…
  You’re a little bit different
  He is very…
  He likes helping
  You can trust her to be honest and sincere

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