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Common English Expressions: Permitting

Useful Expressions-Permitting

is the action of allowing someone to do a particular thing. It is a consent or authorization. Permission is asked, granted or sometimes refused. Here are some most commonly used expressions for asking permission, granting permission and refusing permission:


  Can I come in?
  Could I use your mobile, please?
  Can I have your pen?
  Do you mind if I sit here?
  Do you think I could…?
  May I have a talk with you?
  Is it possible to…?
  Is it all right if I join…?
  May I close the door, please?
  Would you mind if I…?
  Would you let me take it home for a day?
  Would it be OK if I…?
  I wonder if I could borrow $100?


  Yes, why not?
  Yes, of course
  Yes, you can
  Yes, certainly
  Yes, if you want
  Yes, that’s fine
  Sure, go ahead
  No problem
  Not a problem
  I don’t mind
  You’re allowed to…
  You may…


  Sorry, you can’t
  I’m sorry
  Sorry, you are not permitted
  I can’t allow you to do it
  I’m afraid not
  I’m afraid, but you can’t
  I’m afraid that’s impossible
  I’m afraid it’s out of the question
  No, please don’t
  Unfortunately, I have to say no
  You’d better ask Clara
  You couldn’t do that
  Its OK with me but you must ask Smith

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