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Common English Expressions: Complimenting

Useful Expressions-Complimenting

is a remark or note deliberated to indicate praise or applause of someone. It expresses acceptance, esteem or commendation. Compliment is a discerning comment that you make about someone regarding his/her qualities, compliance or appearance. Here are some most commonly used expressions for Complimenting:

  What a beautiful dress!
  What a nice dress you wear today!
  What a brilliant boy you are!
  How smart you are!
  You look very smart
  You’re really something special
  You’re looking rather/very/extremely smart
  You’re strong
  You’re creative…
  You’re God Gift
  You’re one of a kind!
  You’re someone’s reason to smile
  May I say how elegant you look?
  Great job!
  Well done!
  If I say so, you look quite charming
  You’re such a hard-working person
  I’m proud of you
  I would like compliment you on…
  I really like your…
  You have beautiful eyes
  That’s not bad
  That’s perfect
  It suits you very well
  It suits you perfectly
  I think your … is very nice
  I admire you
  I really like your…
  I love/like your…
  You’ve made a difference
  You light up the room
  You should be proud of yourself


  Thank you very much for saying so
  Thanks for good words
  Thanks for noticing
  Thanks, that’s really nice to hear
  Thanks, you made my day
  Thank you, I am happy to know you feel that way
  OK! Thanks
  Oh, there is nothing to it, actually
  My happiness knows no bounds
  I’m glad you think so
  It’s nothing special really
  Wow, thanks a lot
  I appreciate you saying that

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