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Common English Expressions: Agreeing/Disagreeing

Useful Expressions-Agreeing-Disagreeing

Agreeing means to have the same opinion, views or emotions about something. On the other hand, Disagreeing means to have the different opinion, views or emotions about something. Here are some most commonly used expressions for Agreeing and Disagreeing.

  That’s right
  All right
  Why not? Sure
  I agree with you
  I tend to agree with you
  I fully agree with you there
  Me too
  Yes, I agree
  Yes, it was nice
  Yes, I support it
  Yes, I’m in favour of it, too
  I think so
  No doubt about it
  I was just going to say that
  That’s for sure
  True enough
  I feel/think the same
  That’s absolutely true
  That’s exactly how I feel/think
  That’s exactly my position
  That’s just what I wanted to say
  I hold exactly the same
  You’re right
  I’m afraid I agree with…
  Yes, that’d be very nice


  I don’t think so
  I don’t think you’re right
  I disagree
  I’m sorry
  No, that’s incorrect
  No, that’s impossible
  No, I can’t accept that
  You could be right. However…
  The idea is worth considering, but…
  You’re right, but…
  Could be, but…
  That may be so, but…
  I see your point, but…
  I see what you mean, but…
  To a certain extent, yes but…
  That might be true, but…
  Yes, but on the other hand
  I’m afraid I don’t agree
  I can’t really agree with you there
  That’s not always true
  That’s not always the case
  That’s not entirely true
  Not necessarily
  I’m against it
  I’m not so sure
  It certainly isn’t
  I see things differently
  I take a different view

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