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Common English Expressions: Making Appointments

Useful Expressions-Making Appointments

is an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place, a fixed mutual agreement or alliance for a meeting. It is a formal plan to meet or visit someone at a particular time and place. Here are the most commonly used expressions for Making Appointments.

  Are you available on the 15th?
  Are you available next Friday?
  Are you free next week/next month/tomorrow/tonight?
  Do you have any plans next Saturday?
  Do you have any time this evening?
  Do you have free time next week?
  Would Wednesday suit you?
  Will you be free tomorrow?
  Shall we meet at 8 o’clock?
  Shall I see you on Thursday?
  Is next Sunday convenient for you?
  Which day will be more convenient for you?
  Where shall we meet?
  When shall we meet?
  What time is best/suitable for you?
  I have to meet to…
  Can I come tomorrow at 10 o’clock?
  Could you arrange an appointment for Monday?
  Could you meet sometime tomorrow?
  How does the 4th sound to you?
  How soon could I have an appointment?
  What about sometime next week/month?

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