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Common English Expressions: Threatening

Useful Expressions-Threatening

is to express or suggest the approach of harm or danger. It is to show or to say that someone is likely to do something that will definitely be harmful or unfavourable. Here are the most commonly used expressions for Threatening.

  Mind your language
  Remember your manners
  You dare touch me!
  Do not talk to me like that, or else
  Do not come here again
  You shall never come here again
  You’d better not come here again
  Whom are you talking to?
  How dare you talk to me?
  Stop shouting
  If you dare say that again, I’ll hit you
  I’ll show you soon
  I’ll have to take the matter further
  Who are you?
  You’ll be punished
  Be calm
  Get lost immediately
  Look, I’ve come to the end of my patience
  I will kill you
  I will shoot you

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