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Common English Expressions: Leaving Conversation

Useful Expressions-Leaving Conversation

Most of the time we involve ourselves in different conversations at different occasions, such as parties, ceremonies, gatherings or at market, airport, bank, office, school etc. But due to some reason, we are unable to go on talking. We need to leave the conversation because of some important work or planning. At this time, we use some typical expressions or convey a message regarding Leaving a Conversation.

  Sorry, I have to go now
  Sorry, I need to go now
  Sorry, I have got to go
  Sorry, I must be off now
  Sorry, I’ve to rush off now
  Sorry, I must be getting along my way
  Sorry, but I’m afraid I need to…
  I’m sorry to cut you off, but I…
  I’m afraid I really must go now
  I’m afraid we shall have to leave it here
  I’m afraid I can’t stay any longer
  I’ve a flight/train at 2pm, I should leave now
  Excuse me please, I need to go urgently
  I think, I should leave now
  Hope you don’t mind, but I need to go now
  I’m getting late, I should go now
  Try to understand, I have to go right now
  I’d better get going
  I’m going, carry on please
  I must hurry otherwise I’m going to be late
  I hope you’ll forgive me, but…
  I need to go now urgently
  I can’t stay here for a long time
  Please let me go now
  It was nice talking to you
  It was really nice time to spend with you
  Nice to meet you
  Well, it was nice talking to you
  I really enjoyed taking to you
  It’s been good talking to you
  Let’s get together soon. Take care
  Let’s see you again. Bye
  Anyway, I should get going
  Let’s catch up soon
  See you again
  See you later
  All right, see you
  Keep continue, I’m going
  Speak to you soon
  Meet to you soon
  I’ll see you then
  I’ll talk to you later then

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