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Common English Expressions: Giving Opinion

Useful Expressions-Giving Opinion

An opinion is a view, thought, attitude, belief or judgement formed about something. It is neither conclusive nor necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Here are some most commonly used expressions about giving your opinion:

  I think…
  What I think is…
  In my opinion…
  I strongly believe that…
  In my view
  Quite frankly
  I feel…
  I’m not sure about it
  As I see
  I have no opinion on this issue
  I’m telling what I think
  As far as I am considered
  From my point of view
  My initial reaction is…
  I suppose…
  I tend to think that…
  Some people may oppose me, but…
  It seems to me that…
  What I mean is…
  I’m quite unaware of all the things, you know
  I hold the view that…
  He behaved very rudely, didn’t he?
  In my opinion, they treated her badly
  I thought it was very interesting
  But I think that it’s an excellent idea
  She was a bit careless, wasn’t she?
  According to me
  I’m of the option that…
  Know first what I think


  Was the movie interesting?
  Do you think…?
  Do you have any views on…?
  Would it be wrong to say…?
  Don’t you think that this shirt suits me?
  Am I rightly saying…?
  Could I ask what you think about it?
  From your point of view, …?
  I’m sure you’d agree that…
  Does it look very bad?
  Any doubt regarding this rule?
  Is it in fact the case that…?
  Do you think that he/she should…?
  Is it in fact the matter that…

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