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Common English Expressions: Invitation

Useful Expressions-Invitation

An Invitation is a written or spoken request to come to an event or special occasion, such as wedding, birthday, party, meal or meeting. We celebrate these occasions with family members, relatives, neighbours, friends and well-wishers. Invitation helps to strengthen relationships between individuals. Here are some most commonly used expressions for Invitation:

  Will you join us for…?
  Can you stay for lunch/dinner?
  We request the honor of your presence in…
  We request the pleasure of your company in…
  Would you care to have a lunch with us?
  We invite you to be with us on the occasion of…
  I invite you to have breakfast with me tomorrow morning.
  Do come my house this evening for dinner
  I’ll really happy if you come to…
  With joyous hearts, we invite you to attend…
  Are you free next Sunday?
  Are you doing anything this weekend?
  We would be pleased/delighted if you come for…
  You should come, shouldn’t you?
  You will come, won’t you?
  You are invited spend some happy moments together
  Come and have lunch/dinner with us
  We would be pleased if you could…
  Perhaps you’d care to have lunch with us
  Why don’t you have lunch/dinner with us?
  I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed to come to…
  Would you like to come to…?
  You are invited to a celebration of…


  That would be very nice
  Thank you. I’d like to…
  It’s my pleasure!
  I’m most grateful
  Thank you for your kind invitation
  Thanks for inviting me to…
  Sure. Why not?
  That sounds a nice idea
  Sounds great!
  I’d very much like to…
  What an idea!
  Why not? Always
  Sure. Good idea!
  Sure. What time?
  Thank you very much for inviting me
  If you really insist
  That’s very kind of you, thanks
  Thanks. What time do you want me to come?
  I’d be delighted to…
  With the greatest pleasure
  Oh definitely! Thank you
  I’ll come, I promise
  Wait me there


  I’d like to, but…
  Thank you vert much, but…
  Unfortunately I can’t because…
  I don’t think it’s possible
  I wish I could, but…
  Sorry! Please try to understand
  I really don’t think I can, sorry
  Oh no! I’m going to USA tomorrow
  That’s very kind of you, but…
  Oh! I won’t be there
  Sorry, I can’t. I’ve got other plans
  I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend
  I’m supposed to be doing something else
  But I don’t think I shall be able to come
  Sounds great but I’m afraid I’m not free
  I’m terribly sorry. I have other plans
  I can’t, sorry. I have to work
  I think it’s impossible. Sorry!
  I’m afraid I am busy for three days
  Sorry, I can’t, but thanks anyway
  Sorry, I don’t think I can make it
  Sorry. I’m supposed to be doing something else

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