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Common English Expressions: Expressing Pleasure

Useful Expressions-Expressing Pleasure

Pleasure is just a feeling of happiness, satisfaction and enjoyment. It refers to knowledge that feels pleasant, that carries the enjoyment of something. Pleasure is closely associated to merit, desire and activity. Here are some most commonly used expressions to reveal Pleasure and Displeasure:

  How wonderful!
  It’s really delightful
  That’s wonderful!
  That’s good!
  That’s good news!
  That’s fantastic!
  That’s good to hear
  What an interesting event that was!
  I’m very pleased with it
  I am very glad to know, really
  I’m so delighted
  I’m really delighted for you
  I’m so happy!
  I had a splendid time
  It was such a enjoyable moment!
  Oh what a pleasant…!
  How nice of you to come!


It’s sad!
So sad!
Oh, no!
That’s not good, really
It was shocking really
I’m dissapointed with…
I’m very annoyed
I’m extremely displeased to…
I feel dissapointed
I can’t stand hearing this
I didn’t like it
Quite unpleasant
A waste of time, I will say

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