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Common English Expressions: Excuses For Being Late

Useful Expressions- Excuses for being late

Most of the time we reach late to the work-place, meeting or a scheduled program. Our late arrival can be disturbing or embarrassing for others. We honestly and sincerely apologize with the reason of our being late. Here are the most commonly used expressions for Excuses for being Late.

  Sorry for late
  Sorry for late. …. (give reason)
  Sorry I’m late
  Sorry I’m late. …. (give reason)
  I’m late. I’m so sorry. …. (give reason)
  I’m extremely sorry
  I’m extremely sorry for late
  I’m terribly sorry
  Extremely sorry for late
  So sorry for late. …. (give reason)
  Sorry for my late arrival
  Sorry for arriving late
  My apologies. …. (give reason)
  My apologies for being late but… (give reason)



  ‘I got stuck in traffic’
  ‘There was traffic jam’
  ‘There was too much traffic’
  ‘The traffic was terrible’
  ‘The weather was terrible’
  ‘There was thunderstorm’
  ‘The bus/train/flight was late’
  ‘I was continuously waiting for bus/train’
  ‘I had to wait ages for a bus/train’
  ‘I slept right through the alarm’
  ‘I didn’t hear the alarm clock’
  ‘A family member was sick/ill’
  ‘A family member was not feeling well’
  ‘I have bad cramps’
  ‘I lost my car keys’
  ‘I lost my…’
  ‘My car failed on way’


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