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Connectors in English Grammar

connectors in english grammar quiz

'Connectors' in English Grammar Quiz

Complete the sentences by choosing correct Connectors.
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1. John went shopping, _____________, Clara decorated the entire house.

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2. A new bike is so expensive, ______________ , we can go for a used one.

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3. _____________ it was raining cats and dogs, he went to office.

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4. ________________ severe headache, she was not able to focus on her work.

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5. She is so good-looking, but her husband is not that much _______________ .

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6. You must realize the situation and act _________________.

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7. I like Romantic poets, _____________ , William Wordsworth, Keats, etc.

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8. ____________ your resume, you must attach photocopies of all your testimonials.

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9. They are indifferent __________  silly.

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10. She may not perform well in Maths, but _______________ , she may do better in Chemistry.

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Connectors are the Conjunctive words which connect or coordinate words, phrases, or clauses. Different kinds of connectors join different kinds of grammatical structures. These linking words are systematically used for connecting similar or different elements present in a sentence.

I continued studying, meanwhile, he went out playing.

It was a tough competition. Nevertheless, our team reached the Final.
There was no school, consequently there was no education.
She is a genuine designer and, moreover, a good writer. etc.



After  Afterwards
Also And 
Another At last
At the end  Before
By the time Eventually
Finally  First
First of all  Firstly 
Further       Furthermore
In addition  In conclusion 
In the end Later
Meanwhile Moreover  
Next  Second 
Secondly Soon 
Subsequently Then 
Third Thirdly 


I will call you up after having lunch.
She likes singing and dancing also.
At the end, everything will be settled.
By the time he reached there, she had already left.
Finally, we won the match.
First of all, I am not committed to you and I cannot obey you.
I talked to her yesterday and that’s it, further, I had no communication with her.
You will learn new things from this job, in addition, you will earn money.
In the end, the hero breathed his last.
John went shopping, meanwhile, Clara decorated the entire house.
Put the pan on the gas, next, pour some edible oil in it.
Secondly, you have to take rest for some time.
The police subsequently arrested him red-handed.
Keep these things in mind: firstly hard-work, secondly honesty, and thirdly devotion.
Afterwards, he went into depression.
He is passionate for journalism and can do hard-work for the same.
At last, I come to the interesting part of this game.
They get married before leaving country for good.
Eventually, I realised that I must follow my dreams.
First, I want to create my identity.
James wanted to meet his father, firstly.
She is beautiful, furthermore, she acts so effortlessly in the movies.
In conclusion, there is no substitute to hard-work.
Later, Antonio is brought to Venetian prison.
Portia is extremely beautiful, moreover, she is witty and resourceful.
First, read the text carefully, second, find out key points in it.
Soon, You will understand everything.
The criminal beat her brutally, then killed her.
First, listen to your mind, second, think properly, and third, act sensibly.


Alternatively Although
Apart from Because of
But By contrast
Conversely Despite
Despite this Even so
Even tough However
In contrast to In spite of
Instead Nevertheless
Nonetheless Notwithstanding
On the contrary On the other hand
Otherwise Though
Unlike Whereas
While Yet


A new bike is so expensive, alternatively, we can go for a used one.
Apart from being straightforward, he is very timid.
Being successful is one thing, but being human is different.
All people are not bad, conversely, all are not honest.
Despite being ill, he appeared for exam and scored well.
Even though she is under-privileged, she came with flying colours.
In contrast to her sister, Elizabeth is more beautiful.
I was not able to do that so my friend did it instead.
It’s very hazardous, but nonetheless, we have to follow through it.
Antonio thought Shylock was sincere, but on the contrary, the latter was vicious in his intentions.
Behave yourself otherwise, you will be punished severely.
Smith is taller unlike his father.
The lights went off while William was reading a book.
Although it was raining cats and dogs, he went to office.
Because of severe headache, she was not able to focus on her work.
She is so good-looking, but her husband is not that much by contrast.
He had many problems, even so, he handled the situation tactfully.
The movie is so boring, however, I watched it till the end.
In spite of being innocent, he was accused of theft.
Many people are well-to-do, nevertheless, they are not happy.
Notwithstanding successive failures, he tried again and again.
I was eager to enjoy the party, on the other hand I had to prepare for test.
Though he is hard-working, he could not succeed.
All sisters are actors, whereas, the brother is a businessman.
We studied hard, yet we need to solve examples.


Accordingly As
As a consequence of Because
Because of this Brings about
Causes Comes from
Consequently Contributes of
Due to Due to the fact that
For For this reason
Hence In order that
In order to Is due to
Is the result of Leads to
On account of Owing to
Result in Similarly
Since So
That is why Thereby
Therefore Thus


You must realize the situation and act accordingly.
As a consequence of his reckless driving, he met with an accident.
She is very shrewd, because of this, I stay aloof from her.
Stress causes much harm to your performance.
He had presence of mind, consequently, he saved many lives.
Due to Covid-19, many people lost their dear ones.
For he is running a fever, he would not be able to come to school today.
The roads were covered in ice, hence it was not safe to drive.
In order to get good marks in the exam, you must study hard.
Climate-change is the result of man’s excessive interference in the environment.
On account of his bad performance, he was eliminated from the dance show.
Rivalry, later, results in hostility.
Since she was not guilty, she was acquitted by the court.
Portia was quick-witted and intelligent, that’s why, she could save Antonio.
It’s very frosty these days, therefore, most of the people are suffering from cold and cough.
As it not good for your health, you must stop doing it.
I am warning you because I care for you.
We must bring about revolution in the way of thinking.
Legal language comes from a combination of different languages.
Obesity contributes to lethargy.
Due to the fact that she is from middle class, she has no right to dream of a prince.
For this reason, I left that city forever.
I want to save money in order that it would be beneficial for future.
Your weakness is due to neglecting health.
Pride leads to one’s downfall in the long run.
Owing to busy schedule, I am not able to attend every function.
She is beautiful, similarly, she is brilliant.
You are rude, so am I!
He got a power of attorney and thereby, took over all the property deceitfully.
Thus, he took revenge on his enemy.


Also As
As … as As well as
As with Equal
Equally In common
In comparison to In similar manner
In similar way In the same way
Just as Just like
Likewise Resemble
Same as Similar to
Similarly The same as


She is a very good speaker and writer also like her mother.
He is almost as tall as his father.
John is suffering from diabetes, as is the case with his father.
They are equally competent when it comes to argument.
In comparison to his father, David is not humble.
Do this in similar way I did it.
Just as you, I am also a human being.
I help you, likewise, you help me.
You are just the same as your mother, stubborn!
They left their house, similarly, they abandoned everything else.
As pandemic situations still persist, we are bound to work from home.
They are indifferent as well as silly.
Clara is equal with her father in eloquence.
Bravery is in common between those brothers.
You must draw a picture of house in similar manner shown in the book.
Do the exercise in the same way I am doing.
She is just like ‘Angel’.
He resembles to my brother tremendously.
This crime is similar to that crime.
Good books are the same as good friends!


Alternatively Although
Apart from Because of
But By contrast
Conversely Despite
Despite this Even so
Even though However
In contrast to In spite of
Instead Nevertheless
Nonetheless Notwithstanding
On the contrary On the other hand
Otherwise Though
Unlike Whereas
While Yet


I lost my way to home, alternatively, I had to refer to Google map.
That little girl so is sweet, apart from being mischievous.
I wanted to talk you, but I was scared.
She may not perform well in Maths, but conversely, she may do better in English.
I don’t know you, despite this, I will help you for the sake of humanity.
Even though he was egoistic, he felt pity for the poor.
In contrast to winter, Spring seems to be more pleasant to me.
I was busy in meeting, so I send my brother instead to receive the guests.
This case is very complicated, nonetheless, we have to win it at any cost.
I thought he was waiting for me outside, but on the contrary, he left earlier.
Beg his pardon, otherwise, you will be dismissed from the job.
Unlike Simone, he is very cunning.
The phone rang while I was sleeping.
Although he is my friend, I will not support him in his bad deeds.
Because of corruption, most of the people in our country are still unemployed.
Garry is more playful, but Antonio is not by contrast.
Despite his wrongful actions, he went unpunished.
He gets handsome salary, even so, he does not work devotedly.
Many people lost their jobs during pandemic, however, life goes on.
In spite of getting angry, I kept mum at that moment.
You deceived me, nevertheless, I kept helping you in your adversities.
She stayed with her husband for many years, notwithstanding his drunkenness.
He is a good human being, on the other hand, he is whimsical.
Though it’s a critical moment, we have to face it with stoic.
Whereas the elder brother is an engineer, the younger one is an accountant.
They are ready to play, yet need more practice.


Added to Additionally
Again Along
Along with Also
And And all
And then As well
As well as Besides
Besides that By the same
Equally Except for
Finally First
For example Further
Furthermore In addition
In like manner Last
Likewise Moreover
Not only … but also… Second
Still Then
Too What’s more


We were thirsty, added to that, we lost in the forest.
Again, the corona patients are on the rise.
Along with your resume, you must attach photocopies of all your testimonials.
He escaped from the prison and police started searching for him.
And then, everything was over!
Be humble as well as smart, if you want to make progress in life.
They are good friends, besides that, they are business partners.
Both are equally adamant!
Finally, the chapter is closed forever.
I like Romantic poets, for example, William Wordsworth, Keats, etc.
He is a regular student, furthermore, he is bright.
They wrote answers in like manner.
Portia left for Venice, likewise, Nerissa did the same.
He is not only courageous, but also caring.
Still he is waiting for job opportunity.
It is too hard to accomplish.
Umbrella is so useful in rains, additionally, it protects from Sun in summer.
He walked along the road.
She sings sweetly and also writes songs.
She tore all papers and all.
The session was enlightening and entertaining as well.
There are ten people in the café, besides, her.
Everyone was late, except for James.
First, have faith in yourself.
Further, the plan was changed.
In addition, you must exercise daily.
Last, you have to be determined.
Moreover, she was suffering from insomnia.
First you enroll your name, second, attend the lectures regularly.
Then, the lights went off.
What’s more, you have already everything.


After all All in all
All things considered As a result
Briefly By and large
By the large Consequently
Evidently Finally
For the most part Hence
In brief In closing
In conclusion In essence
In outline In short
In sum In summary
In the long run On balance
On the whole Overall
So Then
Therefore Thus
To conclude To sum up


After all, it is my family.
All things considered, I think it was right.
Briefly, the causes can be explained.
By and large, it was good trip ever!
Evidently, I was taken aback by the news.
For the most part, the book is boring.
In brief, there are the reasons for failure.
In conclusion, it will end for once and all.
The plan is ready in outline.
In sum, it is better to be alone than in a bad company.
In the long run, you will win.
On the whole, she sang very well.
He is crooked, so I want to save her from him.
Therefore, he lost the race.
To conclude, I want to thank you all.
All in all, it was a good experience.
I fought with her, as a result, she got angry with me.
He is over smart, consequently, he failed in the exam.
Finally, all is well.
Hence, I gave up that job.
In closing, I would like to tell you that he is not your true friend.
In essence, it is not good for anybody to go without mask.
In short, I am fed with your alcoholism.
In summary, there is no mistake in the document.
On balance, I had much good time.
Overall, the performance was good!
He came, he fought and then he conquered.
Thus, we began our story.
To sum up, it is going to end soon.

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