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Common English Expressions: Asking About Preference

Useful Expressions- Asking about Preference

When you have a firm affinity for something, you have a preference for it. Preference is nothing but a greater liking for one alternative over another or others. It is the reality that you like something or someone more than another thing or person. We usually ask others about their preference, option or alternative. Here are the most commonly used expressions for Asking About Preference.

  What do you prefer?
  What is your preference?
  Which do you prefer?
  Which one do you prefer?
  Which do you prefer? This or that?
  Which do you prefer? … or …?
  Which do you like better? … or …?
  Would you prefer…?
  Would you prefer to … or …?
  Would you like to have…?
  Would you rather have lunch with me?
  Would you rather go to school or stay home?
  Would you/they rather … or …?
  Do you prefer…?
  Do you prefer … or …?
  Do you like … or … better?
  Do you have any preference for…?


  I prefer reading magazines
  I prefer…
  I prefer tea to coffee
  I prefer … to …
  I prefer tea over coffee
  I prefer … over …
  I would rather go home
  I would rather…
  I’d rather go to school than stay at home
  I’d rather … than …
  I’d prefer to have some milk
  I’d prefer to have some…
  I’d prefer … to …
  I like living in the village better
  I like … better
  It really doesn’t matter to me
  I don’t mind to…
  Either one will be all right
  Give me any of them


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