Phrase is an important element of English grammar. Phrase is a small group of words that form a meaningful unit within a clause. It functions as a constituent in the syntax of a sentence. Phrase has a special idiomatic meaning. It always presents within a clause, cannot have a clause in it. Phrase not only strengthens the sentence but also make the sentence meaningful.
Noun Phrase is a group of two or more words led by a Noun that contains modifiers. The modifiers may appear before of after the Noun.

My brother lived in the old farmhouse.
The green meadows look very lovely.
These stories are very interesting.
Do you want the wallet I bought yesterday?
All the teachers were attending the seminar.

All human beings are mortal.
I had the last opportunity to go for a trip.
Those fans have not been working for many days.
Line up all the chairs along that wall.
He finished all the sandwiches hastily.
That bird soars high in the sky.
He wanted to buy all the shirts.
All students with hall-tickets can enter the class.
We have just bought a brand new car.
These plants need water.
That was my favourite lunch-box.
I was startled by his silly pranks.
They had been working in the company since 2005.
We had a great time together.
That room was full of silence.


Verb Phrase is a group of words composed of a main verb and a helping verb. It is a group of words working together to create the verb.

I am going out of station for a couple of days.
They will be coming here by this time tomorrow.
We should have talked to each other about this.
He must be doing this deliberately.
You are feeling jealous of him.
We have been conducting this course for three months.
A strict lock-down has been imposed in the city due to pandemic.
Those girls had gone to café in the morning.
Many people were following him on Facebook.
She was looking so beautiful at her wedding.
You can learn much from others.
All people must follow rules at public places.
She is reading a novel by Charles Dickens.
They were playing Badminton then.
That man may be telling a lie.


Adverbial Phrase is a group of words that works as an Adverb. It modifies a verb, adverb or adjective.

Once upon a time, my mother worked here.
Later in the night the climate changed.
Mrunal was speaking so fluently.
All members contributed extremely good.
The teacher taught in a simple way.
I will call you up later.
At one time, we were best friends.
He entered the class all of a sudden.
Soon after her marriage, she shifted to the U.S.A.
Practise speaking English as much as possible.
She went asleep while reading a book.
The mechanic repaired my car very quickly.
They are waiting near the gate.
She was deeply moved by the pathetic condition of the beggar.
The interior of the earth is cooling faster.
Both sisters sing sweetly.
I was absent in the meeting yesterday.
Next year, I will join this club.
The train arrived two hours late.
Her exam is nearing fast, however, she is not serious about it at all.


Adjective Phrase is a group of words that describes a Noun or Pronoun in a sentence. It can be allotted before or after the Noun or Pronoun.


Smith wore very expensive coat.
His dance was extremely impressive.

Their unbelievably hard work was admirable.
Susan is rather fond of singing.
The movie is absolutely incredibly superior.
She is simply beautiful.
The dance performance was surprisingly outstanding.
That house is quite big.
The cuisine was extremely gorgeous.
A baby has very chubby cheeks.
People were absolutely spell-bound while listening to the sermon.
We were really bored with that movie.
Her acting in that movie is so effortless.
I hit upon very fantastic idea.
The 16th century was really a thriving period in English literature.
Mary has honey-coated voice.
Whatever you say, is definitely true.
Her contribution to the country is really commendable.
David played in incredibly excellent manner.
John has extremely muscular physique.


Prepositional Phrase is a group of words that contains a Preposition, its object, and any words that modify the object. It helps define a specific person or thing.

The boy with the dog is my son.
Do these books belong to you?
He is under treatment for Covid-19.
Please wait for a while.
By the way, how is your mother?
The lady with white saree is our chief guest for this function.
He kept books on the table after reading.
They go shopping frequently in that roadside mall.
Robert jumped into the river.
In a fit of madness, he committed his wife’s murder.
They were quarreling about money.
The Moon is on the wane.
Due to serious ailment, he was bed-stricken.
That battle lasted for many years.
You must be able to see through his mind.
Out of love for children, she sacrificed everything.
The cat was sleeping under the table.
Arjun aimed at the eye of fish.
Milk was boiling over the pot.
Try to know the true colour of people


Conjunctional Phrase is a group of words that works as a Conjunction in the sentence. They connect words, phrases and clauses.

I will call you as soon as I finish my work.
They have to work hard so that they can win the match.
My mother is not only kind but also brilliant.
Even though it rained a lot, we enjoyed much.
Will you reach as early as possible?
Finish this work as fast as possible.
Either my mother or I will be attending the function this evening.
Both Ram and Shyam were good in science.
Don’t touch the wire or you will get a shock.
She was busy cooking, therefore, she could not answer the call.
She was not only gorgeous but also erudite.
Even though is very stubborn, I am trying to convince him.
I am running low on petrol and don’t understand whether to go ahead or not.
She was upset in the morning, as if something went wrong.
John started working out as soon as he got up.
I like neither coffee nor tea.
Watch out for thorns, otherwise, you will get hurt.
It was raining heavily, but he went out.
They were not happy, so they parted their ways forever.
He helped them though he was in difficulty.


Interjectional Phrase is a word or group of words that reveals an emotion or sudden feelings. It ends with an exclamatory mark.

Alas! He is no more.
Oh no! I’m speechless.
O please! Don’t talk about it.
What a pleasure! I won the lottery.
What a pity! He died of Covid 19.
Bravo! Again, you came with flying colours.
Yuck! It’s so ridiculous, I can’t bear it.
Oh no! The lights went off, what to do now.
Thank God! All are hale and hearty.
My goodness! What are you doing, Tim?
Hurray! It’s holiday tomorrow.
Alas! Many people died of Corona.
Wow! What a beautiful piece of art it is!
Damn it! We lost this tender.
Shit! I forgot my phone in the car.
Hey! I am talking to you.
For heaven’s sake! Help me out.
Hello! May I speak to Mr. Lockwood?
Hi! How are you doing?
Oh God! It’s unbearable.





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