Question Tag is a typical construction in English. It is a statement followed by a short question. A statement is turned into question to ask for confirmation. Question tag is the shortest form of question in English language. Question tag is also known as Tag Question, Short Question and Question Tail.


Positive Sentence – Negative QT
Smith is American, isn’t he?
We studied Japanese last year, didn’t we?
Clara has an idea about it, hasn’t she?
They would climb the hill, wouldn’t they?
John wakes up earlier, doesn’t he?


Negative Sentence – Positive QT
Joseph is not interested, is he?
She didn’t go with her sister, did she?
That wasn’t a good movie, was it?
We had not supported him, had we?
Students won’t solve the problems, will they?


‘This/That’ becomes ‘it’
This is the school where I studied, isn’t it?
This isn’t your favourite dish, is it?
This dress doesn’t suit you, does it?
That book was really interesting, wasn’t it?
That is not the part of my duty, is it?


‘These/Those’ becomes ‘they’
These are happy children, aren’t they?
These books are not important for you, are they?
Those boys were in my team, weren’t they?
Those are not the elected members, are they?
Those were very useful books, were they?


‘There’ remains ‘there’
There are different types of trees, aren’t there?
There were few students in the class, weren’t there?
There is no difficulty in paper, is there?
There won’t be a proper training, will there?
There was not a single mistake, was there?


Simple Past – ‘did’
We saw a movie yesterday, didn’t we?
John didn’t solve all questions, did he?
They worked really hard, didn’t they?
Smith attended online lecture, didn’t he?
All students participated in the race, didn’t they?


Simple Present – ‘do’ / ‘does’
My father works in this office, doesn’t he?
We go to beach every Sunday, don’t we?
George doesn’t like to eat pickle, does he?
They play on the ground regularly, don’t they?
Students do not like to play football, do they?


Imperative – ‘will you?’
Use mask at public places, will you?
Go straight and turn right, will you?
Stop discussing on that topic, will you?
Show me you notebook now, will you?
Do not shout in the classroom, will you?


‘Let’s’ – ‘shall we?’
Let’s go and fight with them, shall we?
Let’s learn English grammar, shall we?
Let’s visit the exhibition now, shall we?
Let’s solve the problem together, shall we?
Let’s swim in the river, shall we?


Plural subject – ‘they’
Many have answered correctly, haven’t they?
All boys danced very well, didn’t they?
Schools are not opening this month, are they?
Tourists had not visited all the spots, had they?
Volunteers will help the victims, won’t they?


‘I am’ – ‘aren’t I?’
I am studying English grammar, aren’t I?
I’m going to Australia next month, aren’t I?
I am a man of work, aren’t I?
I’m interested in detective stories, aren’t I?
I’m drawing a picture, aren’t I?





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