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Common English Expressions: Talking About Weather

Useful Expressions- Talking About Weather

We often talk about the weather and weather condition, i.e. rainy, cool, hot, foggy, windy or cyclonic conditions. Here are the most commonly used expressions for Talking about Weather.

  How’s the weather?
  How’s the weather today?
  How’s the weather outside?
  What is the weather like today?
  What’s it like outside?
  What’s the temperature there?
  What’s the weather forecast?
  Is it raining?
  Is it raining now?
  Is it raining outside now?
  Is it cold outside?
  Is it raining there?
  Is it going to rain next week?
  Is it going to rain tonight?
  Was it raining yesterday?
  Did it rain yesterday?
  Do you have rain?
  How cold is it?
  It’s quite cold, isn’t it?
  It’s a nice day/fine today, isn’t it?
  The weather isn’t fine today, is it?
  It was quite hot, wasn’t it?
  It was pleasant, wasn’t it?
  What a heavy rain this is!
  What a hot weather this is!
  Do you like the weather of…?
  Does it rain heavily in your area?
  Is there a visibility outside?
  Is there a fog outside?

  It’s rainy
  It’s drizzly
  It’s cold
  It’s warm
  It’s sticky
  It’s sunny
  It’s foggy
  It’s frosty
  It’s stormy
  It’s snowy
  It’s misty
  It’s cool
  It’s clear
  It’s cloudy
  It’s icy
  It’s a cold day
  It rained heavily
  It’s raining heavily
  It’s pouring
  It’s raining heavily outside
  It’s raining outside now
  It’s raining very hard
  It’s raining cats and dogs
  It’s going to rain
  It’s quite cool/freezing/hot
  It’s quite cool/freezing/hot today
  It’s quite cloudy/windy
  It’s sprinkling outside
  It’s snowing outside
  It’s hotter/colder than yesterday
  It’s getting foggy

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