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Common English Expressions: Convincing/Persuading

Useful Expressions- Convincing-Persuading

or Persuading means to make someone do or believe something by giving them a good reason or motive to do it. It is the skillful act of enabling someone believes that something is true or appropriate. Good reasons are always given to convince or to persuade someone. Here are the most commonly used expressions for Convincing or Persuading.

  It’s quite true
  Honestly, it’s quite true
  It must be true
  I tell you, it’s a fact
  I tell you, it’s true
  I tell you, it’s certain
  It’s crystal clear…
  I assure you
  I can assure you
  I can guarantee that…
  I saw it with my own eyes
  Look, I saw it myself
  That’s quite a good idea
  You know, that’s quite a good idea
  Believe me

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