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Common English Expressions: Talking About Money

Useful Expressions- Talking About Money

is one of the most essential factors and an integral part of our life. We need money to fulfill our basic needs like food, clothes, shelter, health, education etc. It plays a significant role in family, society, business, trade or investment. In our daily life we often talk about money and financial conditions. Here are the most commonly used expressions for Talking About Money.

  How much money do you have?
  How much money do you want?
  How much do you need now?
  Could I borrow some money from you?
  Could I borrow some money from you for a week?
  Could you lend me five dollars until Sunday?
  Could you spare ten dollars?
  I need about hundred dollars
  Do you have a bank account?
  Do you have an ATM card?
  Do you use credit card?
  Do you invest in stock market?
  How do you spend your money?
  What’s your monthly/annual income?
  What’s your monthly expenditure?

  I have hundred dollars
  I want/need fifty pounds
  Sorry, I don’t have
  Sorry, I don’t have fifty dollars now?
  Yes, I could borrow
  Sure, I could borrow
  OK. I’ll lend it to you
  Yes, I have bank account
  No, I don’t have bank account
  Yes, I use credit card
  No, I don’t use credit card
  I invest money in stock market
  My monthly/annual income is $…
  My monthly expenditure is $…

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