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Common English Expressions: Identifying People

Useful Expressions- Identifying People

Sometimes we are hesitant or confused regarding someone’s identity. Obviously, we need to ask or confirm who the person is. Asking someone’s identity is a skillful task. Here are the most commonly used expressions for Asking Identity or Identifying People.

  Are you Mr. Smith?
  Are you…? 
  Is that Mr./Mrs. …?
  Are you doctor/teacher/lawyer?
  He’s doctor/teacher/lawyer
  He’s/She’s …
  May I know your name please?
  May I know who you are?
  If you don’t mind, may I know your name?
  Who’s that very intelligent person?
  Who’s that man/woman over there?
  Do you know who’s he/she?
  Do you know who he/she is?
  Do you know who that man/woman over there is?
  Do you know…?
  Do you recognize…?
  Can you tell who that man/woman over there is?
  What’s that man’s name talking with my father?
  Whom is he discussing with?
  That’s your brother, isn’t it?
  Is that the person you’re talking about?
  I think we met before
  I think we met before. Am I right?
  I think we met couple of years ago in…
  Do you remember we have met before?
  I don’t know if you remember me, but we met before

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