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Common English Expressions: Asking About Progress

Useful Expressions-Asking about Progress

is a movement to an improved or more developed state. We usually ask others about the improvement and development in skills and knowledge. Progress is the process of advancement and the way things move in the positive direction of improvement. We usually ask others about progress, using different kinds of expressions.

  How are you progressing?
  How’s your progress?
  How’s your progress in…?
  How’s your job/study going?
  How is that work progressing?
  How are things progressing/going?
  How are things moving forward?
  How are you doing with…?
  How is it going?
  How is it progressing?
  Any progress?
  Any improvement?
  Do you think you’re progressing in…?
  Are you making good progress with your job/study?
  Are you making good progress with that work?
  Are you on track to reach your goal?
  What’s the progress of this week/month? 
  What’s next?
  What’s the latest/current situation?
  Can I get an update on…?
  When will you get it finished?
  When do you expect to be finished?
  Did you complete…?
  Have you finished…?


  I’m progressing properly
  Nice improvement
  It’s almost finished
  I’m just about to finish
  Going to finish soon
  All right
  It’ll be all right
  Don’t worry, it’ll be all right
  There’s still a lot of work to be done
  I/We haven’t been able to do much so far
  So far, I/We haven’t been able to do much
  It will take long to finish…
  It won’t take long to finish…
  I’ll be finished by…
  It’s going well/properly
  It’s not going well/properly
  I’m nearly there
  Just I started
  Just I finished
  I haven’t started it yet
  I haven’t finished it yet
  I have finished
  I haven’t finished

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