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Common English Expressions: Saying “I’m Bored”

Useful Expressions-Saying I'm Bored

/Boredom is an emotional as well as psychological state which occurs when an individual is not interested in their surroundings, or feels dullness or tediousness. Most of the time we express our boredom, using different types of words and phrases. Here are the most commonly used expressions to say “I’m bored“.

  What a bore!
  What a boring!
  What a boring…!
  How boring!
  How dull!
  How tedious!
  What a dull…!
  I’m bored to tears
  I was bored to tears
  It bores me to tears
  It bores me to death
  It’s rather boring
  I can’t say that I find it interesting
  That was boring, wasn’t it?
  I don’t/didn’t find this interesting
  I don’t appreciate that
  I’m dying of boredom
  I’m not interested in that/it
  I’m disinterested in that/it
  I’m bored out of my mind
  I’m falling asleep!
  Everything seems boring


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