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Common English Expressions: Expressing Quantity

Useful Expressions-Expressing Quantity

means the amount or number of a material or abstract thing. Usually it is not estimated or evaluated by structural measurement. Quantity is a specified or indefinite number or amount. In our daily life we usually talk about quantity, directly or indirectly. Here are the most commonly used expressions for expressing Quantity.

  There are many books to read today
  There are many…
  There were so many tourists on the beach
  There were so many…
  Many people travel by train
  Smith had so much work to do
  Don’t eat too much
  I like my car too much
  … too much …
  George doesn’t drink much tea
  There was a lot of rain yesterday
  There’s lots of food in the refrigerator
  There’s lots of…
  They need a few coins to buy a ticket
  … a few …
  Did you read any horror story?
  Joseph doesn’t want any coffee
  … any …
  Can I have some milk, please?
  It will take some time
  He is fit enough to run daily
  We have enough for the entire family
  … enough …
  Does anyone know him?
  The salary is not sufficient for living expenses
  The rice is sufficient for five guests
  … sufficient …
  This channel has a large number of viewers
  … a large number of …
  There is a large amount of study material
  … a large amount of …
  They are a little tired
  The car is too expensive for me
  The car is less expensive for me
  This school is very ideal
  What a big man!


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