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Common English Expressions: Saying “I Miss You”

Useful Expressions-Saying I Miss You

I miss You‘ are the typical words used to indicate grief or unhappiness from the absence of a family member, friend, lover or spouse. These words express an emotion that you feel depressed of the company of a person you haven’t seen him/her for some time. Here are the most commonly used expressions to say ‘I miss You‘.

  I miss you
  I miss you too
  I really miss you
  I miss you a lot
  I miss you so much
  I miss your smile
  I miss seeing your face
  I think of you day and night
  I think about you all the time
  I can’t stop thinking about you
  I can’t wait to see you again
  I can’t wait to be with you again
  I’m counting down the days
  I feel sad without you
  I feel very lonely
  I can’t live without you
  I adore you
  I need you now
  I hope I see you again
  I wish you were here
  I want you here with me now
  I know what I’m feeling right now
  I don’t know what I’m feeling right now
  You are precious
  You are my diamond
  You are my breathe
  You are my light
  You are my sunshine
  You are my hopes
  You are everything to me
  You are the reason I am alive
  You occupy my thoughts
  You bring joy to my life
  You set my heart on fire
  God knows how much I love you
  God knows how much I miss you
  How can I express my feelings now?
  How shall I tell what I feel now?
  When will I see you again?
  When can I see you again?

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