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Common English Expressions: Expressing Gratitude

Useful Expressions-Expressing Gratitude

is the quality of being grateful or thankful. It is a strong feeling of appreciation to someone or something for what the person has done to help you. When we say ‘thanks’ to someone, obviously it is a form of gratitude, appreciation, acknowledgement and respect. Gratitude is quite essential if you want to develop good relationships with your friends and relatives. Here are some most commonly used expressions for expressing gratitude.

   Thank you
   Thank you very much
   Thank you so much
   Thank you very much indeed
   Thank you for everything
   Thanks a lot
   I am very grateful to you
   I’m grateful for your support
   I very much appreciate your support
   I truly appreciate you
   That’s very kind of you
   You’ve been most helpful
   I very much appreciate your help
   I can’t tell you how grateful I am
   Bless your generosity
   Accept my endless gratitude
   Please accept my deepest thanks
   I’ll forever be grateful
   It’s good of you to say so
   I’ll never forget your support and kindness
   I sincerely appreciate…
   It was very nice of you to come
   You’re so great
   I am very grateful for your time
   You light up my life

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