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Common English Expressions: About Job and Career

Useful Expressions- About Job and Career

A job is just something we do for money, salary or remuneration, whereas a career is a long-term efforts, something we build towards and work upon every day. We usually talk about job, career and career opportunities. Here are the most commonly used expressions for Talking about Job and Career

  What do you do?
  What do you do exactly?
  What’s your job?
  Where do you work?
  How’s your job?
  Are you teacher?
  Are you…? 
  Are you working in bank?
  Are you working in…?
  What’s a nature of your work/job?
  What line of work are you in?
  What type of position are you looking for?
  What’s your goal in life?
  What have you planned for future?
  What’s your ambition? 
  What’s your interest?
  What are you interested in?
  What’s the best career option for you? 
  What are your talents and strengths?
  What are your skills and interests?
  What are your dreams and aspirations?
  Why do you want to pursue this job/career?
  Why do you want to pursue this as your job/career?


  I’m a teacher
  Actually I’m…
  I work in…
  I have been working in…
  I have been working in… since…
  I work for the construction company
  I work for…
  My job is…
  I write blogs
  I make develop softwares
  I design websites
  I manage the corporate office
  I do marketing for hardware company
  I do…
  I would like any position for which I qualify
  I’m looking for a position in…
  I want to become…
  To become … is my dream/ambition
  My dream/ambition is to become…
  I have planned to be…
  … is the best career option for me
  I’m interested in…
  I have interest in…
  I like… / I don’t like…

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