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Common English Expressions: At the Restaurant

Useful Expressions- At the Restaurant

We usually visit a restaurant to celebrate some special occasions. In restaurant, we find two sides of conversation, between the waiter and the guest. The waiter greets the guests and takes drink and food orders as well as stays attentive to the needs of guests. The guests order the drink or food, using a menu card.  Here are the most commonly used expressions At the Restaurant.


  Good morning/Good afternoon/Good Evening
  What can I do for you?
  How can I help you?
  Can/may I help you?
  May I show you to a table?
  Have you booked a table?
  We will have a table for you
  We will arrange a table for you
  We don’t have a table available right now
  Your table is ready now
  Your table isn’t quite ready yet
  You should wait for a table
  There will be a table for you free in a minute
  Just wait for few minutes for a table
  Would you wait for a table for few minutes?
  Are you ready to order?
  Can I take an order?
  What would you like to start with?
  Can I get you any drinks?
  What would you like to eat?
  Vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
  Why don’t you try…?
  Anything to drink?
  Any snacks?
  How’s the meal?
  How’s the taste?
  Is/was everything OK?
  Is/was everything all right?
  Did you like the meal?
  Did you enjoy your meal?
  Are you happy/satisfied?
  Would you like to order anything else?
  Would you like any coffee/tea/cold-drink?
  Do visit again


  A table for four, please
  Are there any free tables?
  Do you have any free tables?
  Menu please
  Could you bring us the Menu, please?
  Can I have the Menu, please?
  Could I see the Menu, please?
  What’s on the menu?
  May I sit at that table?
  May we sit here?
  Do you have any specials?
  What’s special here?
  What can you recommend?
  Wait a minute
  Wait for some time
  I would like to order my food now
  How long will it take?
  What’s this dish?
  We’re vegetarian
  We’re non-vegetarian
  We’d/I’d like to drink…
  We’d/I’d like to eat…
  We’d/I’d prefer…
  Water please
  May I have some water, please?
  May I have mineral water, please?
  Just some water, please
  It’s delicious
  Can I have the bill, please?
  Could we have the bill, please?
  Please bring me the bill
  Can I pay by card?
  Can I pay by PhonePe/Google Pay?
  Do you take debit/credit card?
  Can I swipe my card?
  Do you have a change?

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