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Common English Expressions: At the Hotel

Useful Expressions_At the Hotel

is a place where we need to go frequently when we are on holiday or travelling. We pay for accommodation, food and services while our staying in the hotel. We need to talk to the Receptionist regarding bookings, room availability, amenities, pricing, security etc. Here are the most commonly used expressions At the Hotel.


  Hello. I’m… I’m from…
  Hello. My name is… I came from…
  I have a reservation. My name is…
  I’d like to make a reservation for next week
  I’d like a room for three people, for two nights please
  I’m interested in booking a room for next month
  We’re a family of four 
  I have a reservation for today
  I have booked a room in your hotel
  I booked a room last week 
  I’d like a room please
  I need a single room
  I need deluxe room
  I need A/C room
  I need Non-A/C room
  I’d like to stay in a double room
  I’ll be staying for two nights
  Do you have any rooms with two double beds?
  Could we have an extra bed?
  Do you charge extra for two beds?
  Do you charge for extra beds?
  Do you offer free breakfast?
  Is breakfast included? 
  When do you serve breakfast?
  How much is the room per day?
  What’s the price per night?
  What’s included in this cost?
  What’s not included in the price?
  Do you have any cheaper rooms?
  Could I see the room?
  Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
  What time is check-in?   
  What time is check-out?    
  Do you allow pets?
  Is there a car parking facility?
  Is there a swimming pool?
  Is there a swimming pool in this hotel?
  Do you have a swimming pool in this hotel?
  Does this hotel have a pool?
  I need to request a wake-up call for morning
  I need more amenities, please
  Can I have the bill please?
  Do you accept credit card?
  I had a really good stay here

at the hotel expressionsTHE RECEPTIONIST

  Hello, may/can I help you?
  Sure. Rooms are available right now
  Only few vacancies left
  What dates are you looking for?
  How long will you be staying?
  How long would you like to stay here?
  What sort of room/rooms would you like?
  Sorry, bookings are full
  Sorry, we’re fully booked for tonight
  Sorry, we’re fully booked for the week
  Is there anything else I can do for you?
  We serve a breakfast
  Sorry, pets are not allowed here
  We have a swimming pool here
  We have restaurant
  We have car parking
  We accept all types of cards
  You may pay online

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