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Telephone is an indispensable part of our life. Telephonic conversation has become an essential part of Speaking in the modern world. It needs a lot of practice to be confident while talking on telephone or mobile phone. While talking on phone two things are naturally done, we listen with understanding and simultaneously we reply or react with the person whom we talk.

Better Telephonic Conversations allow us to connect effectively with the people all over the world. It not only improves linguistic abilities but also strengthens confidence. A Telephone Conversation is a verbal communication between two or more people. It has no limit, it can either be short and casual, or it can be longer and more formal.

Telephonic Conversation is one of the most effective ways to improve English Speaking Skill. Telecommunication has become an integral part of our life. It is making our work more efficient in many ways, saving our time and energy tremendously. We need to convey all we want to say in clearly stated words and sentences.


  • Speak softly, slowly, clearly and politely
  • Do not call anyone at odd hours, unless very urgent
  • Be brief on telephone when you’re in office
  • Do not terminate a call abruptly
  • Gauge the mood of the person
  • Know your audience
  • Use proper gestures while speaking
  • Keep your tone of voice positive.
  • Greet the caller warmly
  • Use proper words and sentences
  • Always remain cheerful
  • Be an active listener
  • Do not leave the caller on hold for too long
  • Maintain fluency of language
  • Use new phrases in conversations every day
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Practise to talk in English with friends
  • Observe the person’s way of speaking
  • Never eat or drink while speaking on the phone
  • Close the conversation appropriately


  Who am I speaking to?
  Who am I talking to?
  Who is this, please?
  Who is calling please?
  Who may I say is calling?
  Who may I know is speaking?
  To whom am I speaking?
  Am I talking to…?
  May I know who I’m talking to?
  May I know who’s speaking?
  May I ask who’s speaking?
  Sorry, who am I speaking to, please?
  Can I speak to…, please?
  Could I speak to…, please?
  Good morning! My name is…
  I’d like to talk with…
  Hello, it’s… here
  Is … there?
  Hello, this is…
  Is it…?
  Is it the number of…?
  Is this the right number for…?
  Good afternoon. My name is… I’m calling from…
  Someone phoned me from this number
  I have a missed called from this number
  Sorry to phone again so soon, but…
  I’m calling to ask about…


  Who’s speaking?
  Who’s calling?
  Who’s calling please?
  May I know who’s speaking/calling?
  May I ask who’s speaking/calling?
  May I know you name, please?
  You’re from?
  Where are you calling from?
  To whom am I speaking?
  Whom am I speaking with?
  Who is this, please?
  Who may I ask is calling?


  I’m sorry. He’s out of the office today
  I’m sorry. He’s out of the…
  He/she isn’t in at the moment
  He/She’s not here
  He/She’s not here right now
  He’s out to lunch. You may leave a message
  Would you care to leave a message
  Please leave a message
  Can you leave a message?
  He/She’s on another call
  But I will tell him to call you later
  I’m sorry.There’s nobody here by that name
  Wrong number
  Sorry. Wrong number
  Sorry. I think you’ve dialled the wrong number
  He/She’s on leave
  He/She’s not feeling well
  You may call after half an hour
  Call me/him in the evening


  I’m afraid I can’t hear you
  I’m afraid I can’t hear you properly/clearly
  I’m sorry, I can’t hear you very well
  I’m sorry, the line is bad
  Could you say that again please?
  Could you repeat that please?
  Could you repeat that again please?
  Speak loudly
  I can’t hear you properly
  You are not audible
  Your voice isn’t audible
  I think it’s network problem


  Nice to talk to you
  Nice talking to you
  Thank you for calling
  Have a nice day
  See you again
  Talk to you later
  Take care
  OK, bye

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