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Std.12 & Std.11: Maharashtra State Board: Sub-English: Videos by Prof. Dr. Uday Shirgave Sir [SECTION THREE: WRITING SKILLS]

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Dr. Uday P. Shirgave (M.A., B. Ed., Ph. D.) has been working at Balvantrao Zele High School and Jr. College, Jaysingpur, branch of Latthe Education Society leading education institutes of Western Maharashtra and Northern Karnataka. He has written and published numbers of National and International Articles in various research journals. Apart from this he has written Grammar, Writing Skills, and Activity Sheets Set Book with solution for class 12th. He has translated 12th Std. English Yuvakbharati’s prescribed poems into Marathi. He is famous YOUTUBER known for his simple online videos. His YOUTUBE channel is entitled as English with Shirgave Sir.
आम्ही एकाच वेबपेजवर डॉ. उदय शिरगावे यांचे सर्व व्हिडिओ प्रभावीपणे सादर करत आहोत. इयत्ता 12 च्या विद्यार्थ्यांना मदत करण्यासाठी आणि मार्गदर्शन करण्यासाठी तसेच इंग्रजी विषयाचा त्यांचा अभ्यास सोपा आणि पद्धतशीर करण्यासाठी सर्व व्हिडिओ एकत्र आणले आहेत.



  • A brief statement or account of the main points of something.
  • A short, clear description that gives the main facts or ideas about something.
  • A comprehensive and brief abstract or statements.
  • A short account which gives the main points but not the details.
  • A record in the reader’s own words.
  • A process of recapitulating the main points in selection.
  • A short overview of something longer.
  • A brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form.
  • A form which contains only the ideas of the original text.
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  • A Mind-map is a diagram used to visualize different ideas.
  • It shows relationships among pieces of the whole.
  • It is often created around a single concept, drawn as an image in the center.
  • Main ideas are connected directly to the central concept.
  • Other ideas branch out from those major ideas.
  • It is a tool for the brain that captures the thinking that goes on inside our mind.
  • It helps us to think, to collect information, to remember and to create ideas.
  • It tests our thinking capability.
  • The brain thinks by imagination, association and connection.
  • The connections are essential for remembering and thinking.
  • It helps to summarize information in a very systematic way.
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  • A process of creating a record of important details from sources such as lessons, stories, passages or paragraphs.
  • An art of writing vast varieties of information in a shorter and sequential way.
  • An act of retaining the documentation from various sources.
  • A course of orchestrating and looking into thoughts from reading or from one’s talks.
  • A systematic organization of main-points, sub-points and examples.
  • Compresses the complete set of data into a reasonable size.
  • Helps in keeping the information handy whenever we require.
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A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a research statement or a letter of intent. It is an application made to a university or institution, for admission purpose. This helps them in verifying the proper candidate for the courses offered by them. SOP is the subjective aspect of your application. It is an essay which describes your personality as a whole.

SOP reveals who you are, why you’re applying, why you’re a proper candidate, and what you want to do in future.

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  • Common formal type of writing.
  • Written on small piece of paper called Memo-slip
  • Written to the person when you cannot speak or contact directly.
  • Always short, simple, clear and informative.
  • Conversation is converted into message for third person.
  • Retrieval and interpretation of information.
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  • Exchange of information or ideas in a face-to-face situation.
  • Exchange of thoughts and feelings through oral communication.
  • A type of discussion that involves people sharing ideas or activities on a given subject.
  • A systematic and deliberate interactive oral process.
  • An important activity in academic, business and administrative departments.
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Email means Electronic Mail, one of the most commonly used and popular services on Internet. Email is an effective method of exchanging messages between people with the help of electronic devices. Email was invented by Ray Tomlinson in 1972. He developed the first system to send mail between users on different hosts across the ARPANET, using the @ sign to link the user name with a destination server. Later the system was recognized as email. Email operation is primarily based on the availability of Internet. Today’s email systems are based on a store-and-forward model. Email systematically accepts, forwards, delivers and stores messages.

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An Interview is a structured dialogue where one participant asks questions, and the other gives answers. The word Interview refers to a one-on-one conversation between an Interviewer and an Interviewee. Interviewee responds the questions asked by an Interviewer. Simply, Interview is the situation where Formal Meeting takes place.

Taking Interview is a skillful act. We have to perform a Role of Interviewer. It proves our capability and skill of interacting with Interviewee. The way we ask questions, the way we enable the Interviewee to think and imagine, really tests our linguistic insights.

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Report is a short as well as concise document, presented in a written form for different purposes. It is a systematic description of an event, an incident or a situation.  The information is based on fact and structural analysis. It is a formal style of writing, based on a particular topic or subject.

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Expansion of Idea means to understand and to describe the meaning and idea given in the particular text. The text may be a Proverb, an Idiom, a Title, a Poetic Line or a Good Thought. The words used in this text are rather symbolic. The words are systematically decoded, which imply a very artistic value. Most of the time this kind of text is used to sum up the idea.

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Compering means the act of introducing the performers or attendees. The person who acts as mediator and coordinator is called Compere. Compering is the skill where the speaking qualities of a compere are acknowledged. It requires language fluency, clarity of thoughts and confidence.

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Blog is a regularly updated website or a webpage, typically run by an individual or small group. It is written in an informal or conversational style. Blog is an online journal, article or informational website. It displays information in the reverse chronological order. The latest posts appear first, at the top. It is a platform where a writer or group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

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A Film Review/Movie Review is a systematic analysis and evaluation of a particular film. It includes a summary of the film and any relevant opinion. It is a written form of sharing a personal outlook or frame of mind about the film’s events.

A Book Review is a systematic analysis and evaluation of a particular book. It includes a summary of the book and any relevant opinion. It is an evaluation and assessment of a text, based on content, style and merit.

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‘Appeal’ means to make a serious, urgent or heartfelt request. It is an earnest plea and the power of arousing a sympathetic response.

  • Presented in written form
  • Presented in a form of poster or leaflet
  • Used to create awareness or to provide information
  • Used to involve people in various activities
  • Used to request people to show their generosity
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