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Std.11-Maharashtra State Board_Appreciation of all Poems

Std.11-Maharashtra State Board_Appreciation of all Poems

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“Poetry is the creativity of a person’s imagination. Like any other literary work, it needs to be understood, to be appreciated. The poet writes for a reason. His purpose may be to evoke emotion, inform, define, and represent something of the world or life. Whatever the case, a poem is unique to its writer. And each poem can be analyzed to be appreciated.”

Std. 11, English
Que. No. 3 (B), 4 Marks

Marking Scheme:
Theme & Language Features 2 marks
Explanation & Presentation 1 mark
Personal Opinion & Evaluation 1 mark

About poem, poet and title
The theme
Poetic style
Language and poetic devices
Special features
Message, value, morals
Own opinion

Std.11_2.1_Cherry Tree

About poem, poet and title ‘Cherry Tree’.
A Nature poem.
Famous Indian poet Ruskin Bond.
The theme i. Joyfulness over a tree.
ii. Struggle, Dedication and Pride.
iii. Strong instinct of survival.
Poetic style Simple and lucid language.
An incident is presented in poetic form.
Use of first-person pronouns.
Language and poetic devices Effective use of narration.
Use of Alliteration, Antithesis, Personification and Climax.
Rhyming words offer rhythmic quality to the poem.
Special features Effective use of natural elements like seasons, breeze, insects etc. The incidents are arranged in a sequential order. It is a time-bound poem.
Message, value, morals ‘Don’t make trees rare, keep them with care.’
‘Nature is divine, also it can be furious. So, save it.’
‘A seed neither fears light nor darkness, but uses both to grow.’
Own opinion I think, the poem is quite meaningful. We must face the difficulties in the journey of life, as trees face. Perseverance and endurance automatically lead us towards success.

Std.11_2.2_The Sower

About poem, poet and title ‘The Sower’.
A poem about a farmer.
Written by French poet Victor Hugo, translated in English by a Bengali poet, Torulata Dutt.
The theme i. Nobility of the sower.
ii. Hard work, Perseverance and Dedication.
Poetic style Narrative style of writing.
Use of imagery to describe the hard work of the sower.
Use of first-person pronouns.
Language and poetic devices Use of steady rythm and consistent metre.
Use of Alliteration, Inversion, Antithesis and Exclamation.
Use of alternating rhyme scheme- abab
Special features The struggle of a farmer and his firm determination.
Short lyrical poem.
Skillful use of translation technique by Torulata Dutt.
Message, value, morals We must keep working.
Farming is a profession of faith, hope and hard work; give respect to all Farmers.
A farmer is a magician who produces money from the mud.
Own opinion I think, the farmer’s commitment and devotion towards his work really made him a man of ‘august personality’. Only because of his honesty he achieved the highest position.

Std.11_2.3_There Is Another Sky

About poem, poet and title ‘There Is Another Sky’.
An inspirational poem.
American poet Emily Dickinson.
The theme Appeal of the poet to her brother who is sad and depressed.
Value and beauty of life.
Happiness and Optimism.
Poetic style A Petrarchan sonnet with octave and sestet.
The title refers to the sky of an imaginative world.
Effective use of nature imagery.
Language and poetic devices Complex and ornamented language.
Use of Inversion, Alliteration and Hyperbole.
Special features Poet requests her brother Austin to come in the beautiful garden and spend a few happy moments together. Human feelings are connected with various elements of nature.
Message, value, morals Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.
Life is a mixture of beautiful, challenging and painful experiences.
Own opinion I like this poem because of its feelings of serenity. The poet encourages her brother by telling him the brighter side of life. Obviously, this is life-changing poem.

Std.11_2.4_Upon Westminster Bridge

About poem, poet and title ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’.
A Petrarchan Sonnet.
English romantic poet William Wordsworth.
The theme Beauty of London city.
Panoramic landscape as well as calm and quiet surrounding.
Poetic style Use of remarkable descriptive style and quality.
Use of exclamations to indicate strong feelings and convey emotion.
Language and poetic devices Use of simple language, easy to understand.
Use of Personification, Inversion, Simile and Climax.
The rhyme scheme is abbaabba cdcdcd.
Special features The poem creates a delightful picture of the city, rich in its natural beauty. This beauty provided the pictorial effect to the poem.
Descriptive adjectives are used quite systematically.
Message, value, morals We should learn patience and permanence from nature.
Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.
No city should be too large for a man to walk out of in a morning.
Own opinion I like this poem too much because the site of the city is full of grandeur and appeals greatly to the heart. The poem allows me to visualize the picture depicted by th poet.

Std.11_2.5_Nose Versus Eyes

About poem, poet and title ‘Nose Versus Eyes’.
A satire on the judiciary system.
English poet William Cowper.
The theme i. Mockery of the legal system.
ii. Lack of empathy and common sense.
Poetic style Consisting of 8 stanzas.
Skillful use of imagery.
Presentation in humorous manner.
Language and poetic devices Use of common legal words.
Use of complex language.
Effective use of Metaphor, Personification and Inversion.
Special features The tone of the poem is ironical. There is contrast between what might be expected and what actually occurs. The poem ends with an unexpected verdict given by the court.
Message, value, morals Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught. The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.
Own opinion I’m of the opinion that there is a failure of the legal systeme in this poem. There is injustice as well as discrimination with eyes.

Std.11_2.6_The Planners

About poem, poet and title ‘The Planners’.
An informative Poem.
Promising Singapore poet Boey Kim Cheng.
The theme Impact of industrialization and development.
Role of planners in development.
Poetic style The poem is written in free verse. The tone of the poet is sarcastic and scornful. Free expressions of the poet’s feelings.
Language and poetic devices Use of fairly simple language. The lines vary in length. Use of Alliteration, Paradox, Climax and Oxymoron. There is no rhythm and rhyme scheme in this poem.
Special features The poet wants to suggest the powerful dominance of the planners who shape the town according to their selfish desires.
Message, value, morals First we need to shape the cities, then they will automatically shape us’.
‘A smart city is a city where humans, trees, birds and animals can grow with all their glories and creativity’.
Own opinion I think this is very powerful poem about the way that development and the creation of new infrastructure makes the world a less interesting place to live in.

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