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Std.10_English_Maharashtra State Board: Textual Vocabulary Activities_Lesson: ‘Book Review- Swami and Friends’

STD.10-Textual Vocabulary Based Activities_Book Review-Swami and Friends

Std.10 English: Textual Vocabulary Activities
Que. 2 (A) Seen Passage_A3 (2 Marks)

Std.10_2.5_vocabulary_book review- Swami and Friends

Activity 1: Complete the table:
Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
harass harassed harassingly
interest interesting interestingly
deepen depth deep
imagine imaginative imaginatively
simplicity simple simply
widen width widely
actualize actuality actual
produce production productively

Ans: harassment, interest, deeply, imagination, simplify, wide, actually, productive

Activity 2: Find Antonyms for the following words (Page 69):
a. inactive b. solemn
c. partial d. open
e. changing f. silent
g. unattached h. shallowly 

Ans: a. living b. mischievous c. absolute d. unfold e. constant f. talkative g. attached h. deeply

Activity 3: Give Synonyms for the following words:
a. encompass b. pure
c. known d. genius
e. contrary f. particular
g. harmless h. truth

Ans: a. enclose b. authentic c. familiar d. scholar e. opposite f. specific g. safe h. fact

Activity 4: Pick out from the lesson Homophones for the following (Page 69):
a. buoy b. tin
c. son d. ear

Ans: a. boy b. teen c. sun d. year

Activity 5: Pick out from the lesson Homophones for the following (Page 70):
a. plane b. rid
c. sum d. vary

Ans: a. plain b. read c. some d. very

Activity 6: Write one word for each of the following (Page 69 & 70):
a. quick to understand feeling of others-
b. a very frightening experience-
c. in a very beautiful and pleasing way-
d. way of thinking about something-
e. naughtily or annoyingly playful-
f. writing that uses artistic expressions-
g. one who likes to talk a lot-
h. a critical article or report-

Ans: a. sensitive b. nightmare c. exquisitely d. perspective e- mischievous f- literature g- talkative h- review

Activity 7: Give Adjectives of:
a. technology b. progress
c. magic d. value
e. simplicity f. actually
g. interest h. truth

Ans: a. technological b. progressive. c. magical d. valuable e. simple f. actual g- interesting h- truthful

Activity 8: Find Adjectives of (Page 69 & 70):
a. sensitivity b. absolutely
c. typically d. literature
e. heaviness f. hardness
g. greatly h. purity

Ans: a. sensitive b. absolute c. typical d. literary e. heavy f. hard g- great h- pure

Activity 9: Match the phrases in Column A with their meanings in Column B:
a. to play havoc i. opposite in nature
b. from top to bottom ii. to prevent normal function and cause damage
c. under the sun iii. completely and thoroughly
d. in contrary to iv. in existence

Ans: a-ii, b-iii, c-iv, d-i

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