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Std.10_English_Maharashtra State Board: Textual Vocabulary Activities_Lesson: ‘A Lesson in Life from A Beggar’

Std.10 English: Textual Vocabulary Activities
Que. 2 (A) Seen Passage_A3 (2 Marks)

Std.10_3.2_vocabulary_a lesson in life from a beggar

Activity 1: Give meanings of the words by choosing correct alternatives:
i. gloom a. habit b. decay c. short d. sadness
ii. cynicism a. distrust b. outdoor c. commands d. secret
iii. pessimistic a. depressed b. dreamt c. slipped d. sacred
iv. subside a. clear b. heartless c. decrease d. relate
v. chronic a. changing b. continual c. real d. adjust
vi. paradise a. armour b. court c. heaven d. destination
vii. zest a. fund b. excitement c. excesses d. highest
viii. asset a. energy b. benefit c. spring d. majesty
ix. grateful a. realized b. attractive c. hungry d. thankful
x. ashamed a. famous b. punctual c. cheerful d. abashed

Ans: i-d, ii-a, iii-a, iv-c, v-b, vi-c, vii-b, viii-b, ix-d, x-d

Activity 2: Write one word for each of the following (Page 93 & 94):
a. expecting the worst, having a negative attitude-
b. to settle down or stop-
c. information which show that something is true-
d. something that you have done successfully-
e. having or seeming to have no end-
f. a small furrow or crease in the skin-
g. to complain in a bad-tempered way-
h. defeated in expectation or hope-
i. of someone’s face-
j. to press something firmly-

Ans: a-pessimistic b-subside c-proof d-achievement e-never-ending f-wrinkles g-grumbled h-disappointed i-pinched j-squeeze

Activity 3: Pick out the odd element from the group:
a. manage, strand, explain, happy
b. precious, secret, beggar, cheerful
c. hand, hard, question, monsoon
d. salary, joyously, warmly, soon
e. beautiful, strange, speak, rare
f. natural, handsome, young, parent
g. only, believe, decide, start
h. very, well, year, too
i. really, secret, absolutely, totally
j. Bombay, Meena, prince, pleasant

Ans: a-truth (this is adjective, others are verbs), b-beggar (this is noun, others are adjectives, c-hard (this is adjective, others are nouns), d-salary (this is noun, others are adverbs, e-speak (this is verb, others are adjectives), f-parent (this is noun, others are adjectives), g-only (this is adverb, others are verbs), h-year (this is noun, others are adverbs), i-secret (this is adjective, others are adverbs), j-pleasant (this is adjective, others are nouns)

Activity 4: Match the Synonyms:
i. transferred a. evade
ii. anxious b. surprised
iii. escape c. shifted
iv. dumbfounded d. concerned

Ans: i-c, ii-d, iii-a, iv-b

Activity 5: Match the pairs of Antonyms:
i. optimistic a. dishonesty
ii. important b. approve
iii. truth c. pessimistic
iv. belittle d. insignificant

Ans: i-c, ii-d, iii-a, iv-b

Activity 6: Find Antonyms for the following words (Page 93):
a. eventually x
b. unusually x
c. cheerful x
d. impolite x

Ans: a-immediate, b-naturally, c-depressed, d-pleasant

Activity 7: Find Antonyms for the following words (Page 94):
a. repulsive x
b. calm x
c. informal x
d. cheap x

Ans: a-attractive, b-excited, c-official, d-precious

Activity 8: Pick out the Homophones for the following (Page 95):
a. no b. rode
c. ren d. wait

Ans: a.know, b.road, c.rain, d.wet

Activity 9: Pick out the Homophones for the following (Page 96):
a. seen b. new
c. least d. don

Ans: a.scene, b.knew, c.list, d.dawn

Activity 10: Complete the table:
Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
attract —- attractive attractively
cheer cheer —- cheerfully
—- beauty beautiful beautifully
energize energy energetic —-

Ans: attraction, cheerful, beautify, energetically

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