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Competitive Exams English Grammar_Examples Set No.9

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Spelling correction activities play a vital role in language development, effective communication, academic success, and overall cognitive skills improvement. Various Competitive Exams have sections dedicated to spelling assessment.

Regular practice with spelling corrections prepares individuals for such exams and increases their chances of success. Spelling correction activities instill a habit of paying attention to detail, not just in writing but also in other aspects of life, where precision is essential. Here is the special Examples Set based on Spelling Corrections:

1. Choose the correct spelling:
a. Buracracy
b. Bureucracy
c. Buroacracy
d. Bureaucracy

2. Choose the correctly spelt word:
a. Accomodate
b. Acommodate
c. Accommodate
d. Accomodat

3. I went to the shop to buy some ___________, useful for my office.
(Which of the following option can fill in the blank in the above sentence)
a. Stationary
b. Stationery
c. Stationiary
d. Stationaries

4. Choose the correct alternative:
a. Independant, Inflammable, Maintenance, Manageable
b. Independent, Inflammable, Maintenance, Manageable
c. Independent, Inflammable, Maintenence, Managable
d. Independent, Inflammable, Maintainance, Manageble

5. Which of the following is not misspelt?
a. Lieutenant
b. Leiftenant
c. Liuetenant
d. Leftnant

6. Identify the group of words spelt correctly:
a. digresion, equilibrium, dilemma, equivalent
b. digression, equilibrium, dilemma, equivalent
c. digression, equilibrium, dilemma, equivelent
d. digression, equilibrium, dilema, equivelent

7. Choose the correctly spelt word:
a. Feasibel
b. Fascieble
c. Feasible
d. Feaseble

8. Which words are correctly spelt?
i. Renaissance ii. Woolen iii. Assimilation iv. Scissors
a. i and ii
b. iii and iv
c. i, ii and iii
d. i, ii, iii and iv

9. Choose the correctly spelt word:
a. Occurence
b. Occurance
c. Occurrence
d. Occurrance

10. Identify the incorrectly spelt word:
a. Athlete
b. Auxilliary
c. Abscess
d. Catalogue

11. Pick the accurately spelt word:
a. Occassion
b. Occasion
c. Occassion
d. Occasionn

12. Identify the correctly spelt word:
a. Conscientious
b. Conscientous
c. Consciencious
d. Conscienctious

13. Pick the accurately spelt word:
a. Occassion
b. Occasion
c. Occassion
d. Occasionn

14. Which word is spelt correctly?
a. Developement
b. Development
c. Developmant
d. Devellopment

15. Identify the correctly spelt word:
a. Privilege
b. Privalege
c. Privelege
d. Priviledge

16. Pick the accurately spelt group of words:
a. You’re welcomee
b. Your welcome
c. You’re welcom
d. You’re welcome

17. Identify the correctly spelt phrase:
a. A piece of advise
b. A piece of advice
c. A peice of advice
d. A peice of advise

18. Choose the incorrect word:
“She made a deliscious cake for the party.”
a. cake
b. made
c. deliscious
d. party

19. Choose the correctly spelt word:
a. Mathematecian
b. Mathametician
c. Mathemetician
d. Mathematician

20. Choose the alternative with correct spelling:
“He was a ______ man in his family.”
a. Shred
b. Shrewd
c. Shrew
d. Shrewed


1-d,  2-c,  3-b,  4-b.  5-a,  6-b,  7-c,  8-d,  9-c,  10-b, 11-b,  12-a,  13-b,  14-b,  15-a,  16-d,  17-b,  18-c,  19-d,  20-b


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