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Common English Expressions: Travel Plans

Useful Expressions- Travel Plans

is the process of making suitable arrangements for a travel, tour or trip. It is the process of thinking about the activities required for a travel, tour or trip. Here are the most common expressions used for Travel-planning.

  Have you planned to go to…?
  Have you planned any trip in the near future?
  What do you plan to do for the coming weekend?
  What do you plan to do for the coming holidays?
  Are you going on a trip next Sunday?
  Are you going on a trip in summer?
  Are you planning to go on a vacation?
  Where are you going for vacations?
  How will you travel to…?
  Are you going by train or by plane?
  Do you like to travel by plane or train?
  Do you prefer summer or winter vacations?
  Do you prefer to travel alone or in groups?
  Is anyone going to travel with you?
  How long are you going to be on vacation?
  Is the accommodation well-furnished?
  Shall we make a reservation?
  Do we need to make reservations now?
  How much money will you spend there?
  How long will it take?
  How long will it take to go there?


  I’m/We’re going to…
  We planned to go to…
  We have planned a trip to … in the near future
  We are planning to visit …
  We’re going on a trip next Sunday
  We’re going by car/bus/train/plane
  We’re travelling by car/bus/train/plane
  We prefer to go in winter
  All our relatives are travelling together
  I’m travelling with family/friends
  We need to make reservations right now
  We could leave around 6 am
  We should be very careful
  We must have a better planning
  We’ve to make our trip successful
  It’ll take about … hours to get there
  We’ll reach there by 2 pm

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