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Common English Expressions: Recommending

Useful Expressions-Recommending

is a statement or declaration that someone or something would be good or suitable for a particular purpose. It is the representation in favour of a person or thing. Recommendation is a suggestion or a piece of advice about how to solve a problem and how to deal with a situation. Here are some most commonly used expressions for Recommendations:


  I recommend to…
  My advice is to…
  I highly recommend using…
  Try this dish. It’s delicious
  He is a good…
  At least try it
  You’d better go from that way
  Please give my reference when you contact them
  Why don’t you…?
  Why don’t you try…?
  Isn’t it good for you?
  What you need to do now is…
  It’s perfect for you
  It suits you exactly
  I would be happy to give…
  I fount it very useful
  Avoid it
  I really think you’d better not do it
  You should…
  You should try…
  You should think about it
  You ought to…
  The best destination for holiday is…
  One thing you could do is…


  Can you recommend a good theater here?
  Can you recommend a good … here?
  Can/could you…?
  What should I do?
  What do you suggest?
  What’s your opinion?
  Who’s good doctor near here?
  Would you…?
  What do you think…?
  What should I do?
  What would you do?
  Do you know anyone who is capable to do it?
  Do you think that I should…?
  Would it be a good idea to…?

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