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Common English Expressions: Opening/Starting a Conversation

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Most of the time, we want to start a conversation with someone, but it becomes difficult and confusing task for us. We become quite attentive and conscious about how to start. Here are some words and expressions which will definitely help you for opening a conversation in a proper way.

Hello there
Hey stranger!
Good morning
Good morning, what’s up?
Welcome everyone!
It’s great to see you see you here
It’s nice to see you see you
Hello. How are you doing these days?
Hey, What’s going on?
It’s great talking to you
I want to say something
Today, I’m hoping we can discuss…
I would like to discuss something with you
I would like to begin by saying that….
I would like to introduce the point that….
First of all, I would like to say/state that…
If you don’t mind, I would like to say something
Let me say something
Please feel free to speak openly
Let’s go ahead with….
Let’s go on
Look, there’s somthing you should know
With all due respect….
Thanks all for being here

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