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Common English Expressions: ‘Get Well Soon’

Useful Expressions- 'Get Well Soon'

Get Well Soon is a friendly or polite phrase used for giving good wishes to someone who is ill. We express hope that the person will soon recover from illness. It reveals our sympathy and empathy for the person who is not feeling well. Here are the most commonly used expressions for saying Get Well Soon.

  Get well soon!
  Feel better soon!
  Wishing you well!
  We wish you a quick recovery
  Wishing you a speedy recovery
  Have a speedy recovery!
  Hope you feel a little better every day
  Hope you feel better soon
  Hope your recovery will be a speedy one
  Hope you will soon back to do all you love
  I hope that you’ll be better really soon
  I have faith that you’ll be better really soon
  You’ll definitely bounce back
  We all miss you and wish you a fast recovery
  Warmest wishes for a fast recovery
  Take care until you feel complete recovery
  Take care
  Take extra good care
  Miss you around here
  Miss you around here, get well soon
  Thinking of you lots
  Best wishes for your complete recovery
  You’ll be better really soon
  Love you and think of you all the time
  Love you all the time
  Be brave, you’ll feel better soon
  Don’t worry, you’ll recover soon
  May God recover you soon
  We pray to God to heal you
  God will heal you very soon
  I pray for your recovery
  May the Lord watch over you
  I pray that you’ll soon recover from your illness
  You’re always in my thoughts and prayers, get well soon


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