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Common English Expressions: Expressing Urgency

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Urgency is the quality of being very important and needing attention immediately. When something has urgency it requires speedy action. It is the feeling or belief that something needs to be dealt with immediately. Here are the most commonly used expressions Expressing Urgency.

Its urgent!
I need it urgently
I need it now
I need it as soon as possible
Step on it!
Hurry up!
Don’t waste time!
Don’t miss out!
We don’t have a second to waste
Let’s get a move on it, people!
We need to stop wasting time
We need to use what little time we have left
So much work, so little time!
Please understand the urgency. I need your help now
The sooner the better!
What are you waiting for?
Have a sense of urgency!
Time is a luxury, we no longer have
There is no later; there is only now

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