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Common English Expressions: Expressing Disappointment

English Expressions-Expressing Disappointment

is the state or feeling of frustration, dismal, dissatisfaction or distaste when something happens unexpectedly. In the state of disappointment we find things not going or happening in the way we decided or expected. In English, we express our disappointment or frustration in many ways. Here are the most commonly used words or sentences to express Disappointment or Frustration.

  How disappointing!
  What a letdown!
  What a bummer!
  What a disaster!
  That’s/It’s too bad
  That’s/It’s so disappointing
  That was such a disappointment!
  That’s/It’s unexpected
  That’s a shame
  That’s disgusting
  We had high hopes for…
  We were hoping for…
  It’s disappointing, isn’t it?
  It’s shocking
  Oh no, what a shame!
  I’ve never been so disappointed
  It was a real letdown
  The whole thing bored me to tears
  It’s not all it’s cracked up to be!
  I wish I had a better job
  I wish I had…
  Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
  Why didn’t you…?

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